Summer @ DU runs from
June 15 – August 21
 Current Undergraduates can take up to 18 credits
Here’s why students like you are signing up:

Summer made smart

When you register for Summer@DU, you’ll be able to:

Graduate Faster

Get ahead by taking classes this summer and graduate faster.

Design your Schedule

There are full-term classes that run for ten weeks, as well as three-week and four-week sessions.

Fulfill Common Curriculum

Fill your most common curriculum requirements and focus on courses in your major the rest of the year.

Choose Class Style

You have the choice of taking classes online or in person.

Summer Sessions
— Full-Term session —
June 15-Aug 21
— Four-week sessions —

June 22-July 19


July 27-Aug 21

— Three-week sessions —

June 22-July 12


July 13-Aug 2


Aug 3-Aug 21

Worried about getting a break if you take classes?
With this session schedule, you’ll still have almost a month off before fall quarter begins on September 11.

If you’re enrolled in classes and/or an internship through DU, housing is available on campus over the summer. It’s a great time to live on campus—get to know DU faculty and staff and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.
You also have three time-frame options for summer housing to fit with your class schedule. Stay for the full summer quarter, or either the first or second half. Apply today for housing through the housing form.
Financial aid
If you’re an undergraduate student enrolled in a DU degree program taking summer classes, you’ll receive a summer grant comparable to the amount of merit and need-based funding you receive each quarter.
Apply now through PioneerWeb

Visiting Students

Not attending DU but interested in taking courses to see what our University is all about? Open enrollment is available for visiting students during the summer sessions.